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Tailor your vehicle to your
driving style!!
Butler Automotive will do
specialized PCM Tuning
using HP Tuners, a widely
recognized and respected
tuning program.
Making changes to a stock
engine requires
performance calibration, so
that your engine will be
able to achieve its full

Our mission is to provide
the most complete, cost
effective tuning and data
acquisition solutions  Our
years of success and
experience in the
automotive industry gives
us the competitive
advantage to stay ahead of
the market, innovate and
adapt to tomorrows
technologies today.
Basic Tuning Includes:

• Setting desired idle speed
• Setting desired shift points
• Setting rev limiter
• Speedometer recalibration for different gear ratios
• Speed limiter delete
• Setting desired fan temperature activation
• Torque management delete
• Skip shift delete
• Rear O2 delete (OFF-ROAD use only)
• AIR/EGR Delete (OFF-ROAD use only)
• Performance Spark Table (optional)
• Performance Fuel Curve (optional)
Many after market cylinder head and camshaft combinations require custom tuning in order to run properly. Butler Automotive in
McKinney can customize the tune in your pcm for just about what ever you need.

Vehicles that range from stock form to your serious performance enthusiast can benefit from digitally tweaking and tuning one of
the most important parts in the vehicle, its Computer don't let a stock computer slow you down.
Custom Tuning includes all of the below in addition to custom programming to optimize drivability.  The
custom tune also has fuel and spark curves that are customized to the specific combination of parts and
not just generic fuel and spark curves for a stock engine.