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Butler Automotive is an authorized Magnacharger dealer and installer. Magna Charger systems are developed
virtually from the heads up. They feature patented equal-length intake runners, isolated aluminum manifold
plenum and supercharger drive assemblies. Magnuson’s R&D Team combines more than 60 years of system
designing experience with state-of-the-art engineering and the latest in computer design and fabrication
technology. Magnuson Products, Inc. is capable of developing a complete supercharger system and taking it
through every facet of design, fabrication, testing and production.  The president, Jerry Magnuson, brings 30 years
of supercharging experience to these ventures. He has assembled a staff of professional designers and
technicians to propel supercharging into the 21st century.
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Made In The USA! Why does that matter? It matters because to some, making compromises in quality is not how things are done.  
American Racing Headers has set the standard for high quality stainless steel exhaust products made in America .  Since our
inception we made a clear decision to produce our products in America using U.S. made 304 stainless steel.
Our manufacturing /fabrication and customer service teams are highly skilled professionals who are proud to live and work in the
USA. We welcome you to visit our manufacturing facility and meet us in person, you won’t be disappointed… you will discover what
thousands already know, when you want the best 100% US made header system, buy American Racing Headers!
Horsepower Tuners, Performance at Your Fingertips. Welcome to the home of VCM Suite, the only tuning tool you'll ever need for
your newer GM and Ford car or truck. Vehicles that range from stock form to your serious performance enthusiast can benefit from
digitally tweaking and tuning one of the most important parts in the vehicle, its computer. Don't let a stock computer slow you down.
Tune it with VCM Suite!. Our mission is to provide the most complete, cost effective tuning and data acquisition solutions for
enthusiasts and professional shops. Our years of success and experience in the automotive industry gives us the competitive
advantage to stay ahead of the market, innovate and adapt to tomorrows technologies today.
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