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If your car, SUV or truck is not stopping correctly
If they are squealing or grinding, pulling to one side, pedal fade, or has changed noticeably , it's
time to let the ASE certified technicians at Butler Automotive Repair check them for you. If your
brakes need work, we'll show you what they need, why, and how the problem can be corrected
Having proper wheel alignment means much more than just having your vehicle run straight.
Extended tire life, Safer control at higher speeds, Improved fuel economy- Straight and true
tracking, Straight steering wheel set At Butler Automotive Repair, we "go by the book" when it
comes to wheel alignment, adjusting your vehicle to specific manufacturer's specifications.
Electrical  Repair
Problems with your battery, alternator, starter and other electrical issues can be troublesome.
Our services include testing of your vehicles starting and charging system components by using
test equipment to check cranking amp capacity of the battery, testing the electrical draw of the
starter, testing the electrical output of the alternator and low cost replacement parts if needed.
Battery Testing & Replacement
Our services include visually inspecting the battery, AND battery terminals using test equipment to
check cranking amp capacity of the battery, remove the old battery and replace it with a new one
if needed. We may also clean the battery posts, replace the battery terminals and  coat the post
and terminals with a protective spray
Custom PCM Tuning
Custom Tuning includes all of the items listed in addition to custom programming to optimize
drivability.  The custom tune also has fuel and spark curves that are customized to the
specific combination of parts and not just generic fuel and spark curves for a stock engine.
Click here to read more about how you can customize your vehicle to your driving style!
Butler Automotive is a full service auto repair shop. We will hook your vehicle up to our state of
the art equipment and diagnose any "funny noises" "strange rattling" or help you understand why
your check engine light is on. Routine diagnosis is always free of charge, call us today at
214-592-9595 to set up an appointment that fits your schedule.
Air Conditioning Repair
We will visually inspect the air conditioning compressor drive belt for cracks or damage, inspect
accessible components for leaks, check the operation of the air conditioning compressor and
other air conditioning components, evacuate refrigerant from the system, vacuum test the system,
recharge the air conditioning system
Tires - 1
Tire rotation helps protect tires against uneven wear by moving the tire location on the vehicle.
Most tires will exhibit some form of wear based on wheel alignment, miles driven, driving style, and
tire location on the vehicle. We will check your tire pressure, inspect the tires to identify visible
damage or abnormal wear patterns, rotate the tires according to the pattern recommended by the
vehicle's manufacturer and install lug nuts/bolts to the proper torque specifications*
Tune Ups   -  2
Excellent preventive maintenance that enhances the reliability of your vehicle.  We will change the
oil with up to 5 quarts of motor oil, replace your oil filter, visually Inspect the antifreeze/coolant
reservoir levels, engine air filtration system, serpentine belts, brake fluid level in transparent
reservoirs, wiper blades, exterior lights, lubricate the chassis, check tire pressure, top off  your
fluids:  transmission/transaxle, differential fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid
Custom Mig And Tig Welding
If you have a project, large or small, Butler Automotive will provide you with custom welding. Feel
free to call the shop with any questions you may have or simply leave us a comment HERE and
leave us some details of the work you are looking to do. As always, walk-ins to our shop are
always welcome. We are located at 3733 E University Suite 360 in McKinney.
Fuel Injector Flow Bench Testing And Ultrasonic Cleaning
Various options are available here, some are tank additives, some are on car cleaning, but none
can match the results that Butler Automotive offers with our off the car testing on the flow bench.
Only with off the car system cleaning, such as used at Butler Automotive, can the final results be
seen, measured and compared with the pre-clean Flow Rates and Spray Patterns.
We’re committed to providing high-quality services at fair prices for ALL MAKE AND MODEL VEHICLES! Please review
our services menu below; if you need a service that’s not listed, feel free to query us by e-mail or phone. Also Please
review our performance section for the latest in high performance parts, accessories and installation.
  • 2  Additionally, we will do a visual inspection of the air filtration and the vehicle
    manufacturer's service* recommendations based upon the vehicle's current mileage.
  • 1  We will also provide you with quality new tires if your vehicles tire wear is extreme
    and it is unsafe to rotate them.  If tire wear is severe, we will help you to determine if
    an alignment is needed to insure your new tires will last.
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